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Japan Chapter , Yumi Yasuda
Greater Orlando Chapter Orlando, FL Xiomara Rivas
Tampa Bay Area Chapter Tampa Bay, FL Xiomara Rivas
WestField Chapter Norwalk, CT Xiomara Rivas
Brazil Club Sao Paulo, Tonico Novaes CMP
New Mexico Chapter Albuquerque, NM Tisha Aldredge CMP
Montreal & Quebec Chapter Montreal, QC Thierry Marlier
Georgia Chapter Marietta, GA Tara Zeravsky CMP
Southern California Chapter Los Angeles, CA Steven Copeland CMP
Aloha Chapter Honolulu, HI Stephanie Kennedy
Oregon Chapter Portland, OR Stephanie Kennedy
Houston Area Chapter Houston, TX Shannon Smith CMP
Indiana Chapter Indianapolis, IN Sara Nash CAE
United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter Petersfield, Ruth Robinson
British Columbia Chapter Vancouver, BC Patricia Tait
Orange County Chapter Tustin, CA Mike Lasher IOM, CAE
Denmark Chapter , Mette Fisker
Potomac Chapter Washington, DC Melissa Benowitz CMP
Poland Chapter Warszawa, Marta Kicler
France-Switzerland Chapter Boulogne, Maguy Sicuro CMP
Sacramento/Sierra Nevada Chapter Elk Grove, CA Lynette Magnino M.A.
Northern California Chapter San Ramon, CA Lori Kinsey CMP
Tennessee Chapter Nashville, TN Lindsay Buchanan CMP
Toronto Chapter Mississauga, ON Leslie Wright
Ottawa Chapter Kingston, ON Larissa Johnston
North Florida Chapter Jacksonville, FL Kristin Thompson CMP CMM
St. Louis Area Chapter Brentwood, MO Kelley Field
Greater New York City Chapter New York City, NY Kathie Stapleton
New England Chapter Boston, MA Julee Cooke
Northeastern New York Chapter (Albany Area) Albany, NY Julee Cooke
Pittsburgh Chapter Pittsburgh, PA Julee Cooke
Minnesota Chapter Saint Paul, MN Joy DesMarais-Lanz MA, HMCC
Arizona Sunbelt Chapter Phoenix, AZ Joanne Winter
Oklahoma Chapter Oklahoma City, OK Jill Renfro Andrews
Ohio Chapter Columbus, OH Jessica Konnagan
Texas Hill Country Chapter Wimberley, TX Jeffrey Rasco CMP
Gulf States Chapter New Orleans, LA Jan Allen CMP
Philadelphia Area Chapter Philadelphia, PA Jalissa Sutton
Greater Calgary Chapter Calgary, AB Jade Marage
Finland Chapter , Helena Wallo
New Jersey Chapter Englewood, NJ Heather Kresge
Turkey Club Ata┼čehir, Istanbul, Handan Boyce
Mexico Chapter Naucalpan, Guadalupe Arias Ugalde
Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter Louisville, KY Greg Jewell
Netherlands Chapter Amstelveen, Gijs Verbeek
Rocky Mountain Chapter Littleton, CO Freddie Templeton
South Florida Chapter Boca Raton, FL Francesca Radabaugh
San Diego Chapter San Diego, CA Erin Scholes CMP CMM CSEP
Michigan Chapter Lansing, MI Elizabeth Pike
Italia Chapter , Elisabetta Caminiti
Belgium Chapter , Elina Jutelyte
Washington State Chapter Olympia, WA Craig Ottavelli
Atlantic Canada Chapter Halifax, NS Claudia Habib
Middle Pennsylvania Chapter Hershey, PA Cindy Conaway
Wisconsin Chapter Madison, WI Christopher Dyer
Carolinas Chapter Charlotte, NC Christine Irwin CMP
Sweden Chapter , Carola Skoog
Chicago Area Chapter Chicago, IL Carly Loomis
Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter Dallas, TX Caitlin Watson
Heartland Chapter Omaha, NE Brenda Ram CMP CHCP
Germany Chapter Berlin, Antje Krämer
Greater Edmonton Chapter Edmonton, AB Andrea Cliff
Virginia Chapter Richmond, VA Amrita Gopaldas
Connecticut River Valley Chapter Glastonbury, CT Allyson Deckman
Iberian Chapter Valladolid, Alessia Comis
Kansas City Chapter Kansas City, MO Aesha Beattle CMP