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Volunteering with Global Impact

Volunteers power MPI. On the chapter and global level, you will find MPI volunteers bringing passion for their profession to the community.  Through volunteer roles, MPI members forge meaningful connections, take leadership roles, and contribute to the industry. Read on to learn more about these opportunities and programs.



“Make volunteering a growth opportunity. Try new things, embrace being uncomfortable, and push yourself. Being part of something bigger - something you believe in - is worth prioritizing. I believe in MPI, and I believe that you, our members, are our organization's greatest asset.”

- Amanda Armstrong, Chair, 2018 MPI International Board of Directors

2018 International Volunteer Committees


RISE Awards

Each year, MPI honors its best and brightest chapters and volunteers through the Recognizing Industry Success & Excellence (RISE) Awards.

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International Volunteer Committees

Volunteers power MPI. This is most visible on the chapter level, where boards and officers plan meetings and lead the year's initiatives. But all MPI members in good standing have an additional opportunity to volunteer on a global level as committee members. 

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