Special Interest Groups



Did you know Meeting Professionals International has the largest and most diverse community of meeting professionals in the world? That’s why we understand that certain segments of our industry require specific education, essential resources and unique forms of support. In addition to the vibrant benefits of MPI membership, we’ve developed additional programs and perks for the following special interest groups and communities.

MPI-MD Medical Meeting Planner


Do you plan pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, or healthcare meetings or events? If so, you know how fast the industry (and its regulations) change. MPI is home to nearly 1,000 meeting professionals who belong to the MPI-MD medical meetings community. Join your peers to engage in a forum designed to grow trusted resources, exchange viewpoints and share recommendations.




Independent and Small Business Owners ( ISBO)

More than 2,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent meeting and event planners belong to MPI. Our network of planning professionals is ready to advise and support your quest to thrive, not just survive. With ISBO, you’ll find virtual summits, specialized education and face-to-face opportunities to network and exchange ideas with your peers.

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Plan Your Meetings Events & Education

Administrative Planner

An estimated 80% of all corporate meetings are organized by professionals in meeting and event project manager planner roles. Whether your title is executive assistant, marketing manager, human resources professional, administrative support, you need tools, templates, skills and support. MPI Membership offers all of the above, plus community support, engagement and live events through its Plan Your Meetings community.

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MPI Women Event Planners

MPI Women

Women dominate the meetings industry, representing somewhere between 70%-80% of the total workforce. However, women remain a minority in terms of executive leadership and have yet to achieve gender pay equity. Members of the MPI Women's Community enjoy specialized education designed to help them fulfill their career potential and take actionable next steps along with their allies to raise awareness.

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MPI Women Event Planners

MPI Association Planners

MPI supports its community of 2,000 Association Planners through targeted educational offerings and social activities. Any MPI Member who organizes or supervises teams who plan association meetings, events or educational programs is eligible to join MPI’s Association Planner Community

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