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Research & Tools

MPI Academcy

Areas of Research

A quarterly report offering a unique look through the eyes of your peers into the future of the meeting and event industry.
Business Value of Meetings
Quantify the business return of live events and develop tools for accurate output measurement.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Meetings and events will be affected by new standards for sustainable and socially responsible programs.
Future of Meetings
Research that focuses on emerging issues, cutting-edge information and trends in meeting distribution channels.
Hybrid Meetings
Hybrid meetings and events are creating opportunities for meeting professionals. It's easy to get started with these tools.
CSR Research
Meeting Design Study and Tools provide both a framework and a bridge between the state of meetings today and the future.
Strategic Meetings Management
SMM drives meetings to achievable and measurable outcomes, aligned with strategic business objectives.
Canadian Economic Impact Study
The Canadian Economic Impact Studies report on the significance of meetings held in Canada and provides economic assessment of business events.
UK Economic Impact Study
The U.K. Economic Impact Study (UKEIS) reveals the value of the meetings industry to the UK economy.
UK Economic Impact Study
This study quantifies the economic contributions made by the more than 1.8 million U.S. meetings, trade shows, conventions, congresses, incentive events and other meetings
Virtual Meetings
Formulate a strategy specific to your virtual meetings and events portfolio.
White Papers
Keep up with the latest trends, reports, surveys and more.


Destination Finder
DMAI’s meeting planner tool, to keep up with destination news, explore maps with meeting locations, and get fast facts.
CultureActive Tool
Improve your cultural competence and ability to understand and communicate with other cultures.
Green Key Meetings
A tool to provide planners with a sense of a hotel’s level of commitment to environmental issues.