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MPI Launches New Website with Enhanced User Experience


An old acquaintance is about to become your new best friend, one who will be with you anytime you need from anywhere you are. Please say hello to the redesigned Beginning Sept. 1, the official website of Meeting Professionals International has a new look, a dynamic and robust new mission, a mobile-responsive design and one heck of a future. Call it the “user experience,” says Michael Crumrine, MPI’s vice president of information technology and the project manager for the new website that will, among many things, now be easier for members to use by implementing Social Login (with Facebook or LinkedIn credentials, for example), giving members access to new content and education.


“It’s about putting the tools at their fingertips to help them grow,” he says. This has been a project long in the making and a top priority for the organization as technology needs have continued to impact how we consume information. Last year, more people accessed the internet from a mobile phone or tablet than from a desktop computer or notebook. It is expected that by 2019, mobile will account for nearly 80 percent of all web traffic. Even for someone who managed to get through college without taking any math classes, those numbers are staggering and impactful. If your site doesn’t respond on mobile devices, that’s not good. Sadly, that was us—but no more. “I am thrilled,” says Paul Van Deventer, MPI president and CEO. “The delivery of this investment will exponentially increase MPI’s ability to increase the delivery of value-added offerings to our community and to enhance their overall MPI experience.

MPI Website

“This is not just an investment in a website, but rather a strategic investment in reimagining and recreating MPI’s overall digital environment and user experience, representing the largest single investment MPI has made in its history.” This was about much more than just being mobile responsive. We’ve made it simple to navigate and added points of entry to help you access news and information from throughout the organization and among each other. The enhanced platform will allow our content to be much more readily accessible and easily searchable, including content from your member magazine, The Meeting Professional. 


“The new platform will provide a consistent experience to our members wherever and however they digitally interact with MPI—whether that is through a chapter, MPI Global, the MPI Academy or in a special interest group,” Van Deventer says. “It will allow our members to customize and personalize their experience with MPI and, at a very basic level, significantly simplify transacting business with MPI.” Here’s more good news: We’re only going to get better, too, as this is not the end-all, be-all website. This is only a beginning from which MPI will “continue to invest in enhancing, updating and expanding the website and its content,” Van Deventer says. “In the near-term, one of the most important investments will be migrating all of the chapter sites onto the new platform, so that in the very near future MPI and its chapters will all be on the same digital platform and web domain.” That will allow for improving the user experience and creating more consistency in how the MPI brand and value offerings are delivered.

The possibilities are truly endless. Some of us have witnessed the growth of technology and could only imagine how life could be enhanced tethered to a cell phone. Others have known no other way. For all of us, the new website gets us to the next step in fulfilling our data-driven desires for when, where and how we want to access news and information. Isn’t that what friends are for? To be there when we need them, to help us get through, to make our lives easier and hopefully better? Go ahead. Say hello to, now available on your computer, your phone and your tablet. Let us know what you think. Thank you for your membership and support of MPI!

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Rich Luna

Rich Luna is director of publishing for MPI and editor in chief of The Meeting Professional.