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Our Great Dotmocracy: Solutions to the Industry’s Challenges


Attendees at “The Great Dotmocracy” session at MPI Smart Monday brainstormed a host of different challenges and issues facing the global meeting and event industry, and then voted using round color-coding labels (dots) for the topics they wanted to find solutions to. From food allergies and budget management to innovation and global uncertainty, topics covered a vast array of challenges and the opportunity for industry-wide improvement. Ultimately, three challenges emerged as top priorities: price transparency, industry trends and change and risk management. Herein, find some of the solutions from the brains behind our Dotmocracy.

Price Transparency
• When possible, implement rate integrity rules.
• Create an industry VAT tax library (with rebate information) for easy reference when choosing destinations.
• Share true costs and markups with clients.
• Provide education on rates and what they include vs. online pricing.
• Help conference attendees understand what their fees pay for and include

Risk Management
• Create communication plans for emergencies.
• Ask attendees for their mobile numbers in case you need to communicate with them.
• Provide staff training on emergency plans, not just documents for them to review.
• Provide training in active shooter and CPR.
• Include safety as part of your event’s budget.

Industry Trends
• Offer wellness breaks and lounges for attendees with soothing music and nutritional foods.
• Create programs that leave a positive social impact on the communities where our meetings take place.
• Hold a silent disco so attendees can dance together to the music of their choice.
• Offer multiple TED-type talks concurrently during lunch or on the trade show floor that encourage attendees to move from space to space and listen to the content they are interested in.

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