December 11, 2018
2018 South Florida Industry Party
The biggest industry party of the year!
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November 13, 2018
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About Our Chapter


Established in 1978, MPI South Florida is based in Delray Beach and is a cosponsor of the annual Sunshine Education Summit (SES) for meeting professionals.

When you join MPI South Florida, you become part of an organization dedicated to your personal and career success. You’ll connect with the innovative learning, passionate people and big ideas that will empower you to become an agent of change and reinvent the world.


MPI's South Florida Chapter

MPI South Florida

"I could not be more excited to take this journey alongside my great friends on this board of directors and in this chapter. I always said it never felt like work – because I was always having so much fun with people I respected and enjoyed being with. "


- Fallon Gechter, South Florida Chapter, President

MPI Chapter Membership Population

Planners: 102
Suppliers: 104
Students: 114
Faculty: 3
Other: 6

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