Top Performing Chapter Award
December 3, 2018
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February 9, 2019
MPI Tampa Bay Area Yappy Hour Sponsorships Available
Benefiting the Humane Society of Tampa Bay
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Top Performing Chapter Award



Past Presidents


2017-2018Ashley Valentine
2016-2017Ashley Valentine
2015-2016Felice Levy
2014-2015Jim Engelmann
2013-2014Margaret H. Williams
2012-2013Jill Manthey
2011-2012Irene Caban
2010-2011Jason Carroll
2009-2010Jocie Rivera
2008-2009Julie Dennis
2007-2008Tara Liaschenko
2006-2007Liz Planz
2004-2005Kirk Whalen
2003-2004Mary Lou Spinelli
2002-2003Kory Lake Butler
2001-2002Dawn McGowan
2000-2001Lori Morgan
1999-2000Ivy Peterson
1998-1999Shelley Smith
1997-1998Tammy Lamm
1996-1997Susan Blair
1992-1994Joe Planz
1989-1990Nolan Godsmith
1987-1988Andre Bergeron

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