Independent and Small Business Owner (ISBO)

Independent and Small Business Owners Overview


Are you an independent meeting planner, a small business owner or an entrepreneur?
If so, you know the business landscape can change overnight. That’s why mentorship, business opportunity, and a supportive network is so important.

According to the Small Business Association, 70% of mentored businesses survive more than five years. And MPI’s community of more than 17,500 members in countries around the world means unlimited regional, national and international business exchange options.

Members of the ISBO community receive all the benefits of MPI membership, plus so much more:

  • Free virtual small business-themed half-day summits

  • Free independent and small business-related educational webinars

  • Access to the Independent and Small Business Owner online community

  • Independent and small business owner-focused education at MPI’s World Education Congress (WEC)



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MPI Academy 



Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM)

Earning your Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM) shows the world that you are ready to assume a leadership role as a meeting professional. This intensive three-part executive program packs the highlights of a world-class MBA program into a long weekend (3.5 days), followed by eight hours of advanced-level online coursework and a final project focused on solving a real-world business problem.

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Venue Sales Certificate - Meeting Planner

Venue Sales Certificate

Discover how to create high impact, powerful sales tools that sell your venue and generate great results. This course helps you understand and apply consultative sales approaches so you increase your chance of closing more business.

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Women in Leadership: Executive Leadership Skills

Create a personal action plan to overcome the common career obstacles women face. This course is designed to help you identify what’s holding you back and give you the tools to take your career to the next level.

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Strategic Hotel Contracts Event Planning

Strategic Hotel Contracts: Plan & Think Before You Ink

Proposed 1 Hour Domain D: Financial Management

Hotel contracts are complicated, but are a must to define responsibilities and make mutual obligations perfectly clear. In the Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) landscape, hotel contract risk mitigation has become an important metric. In this interactive workshop, attendees will discuss a multitude of topics on methods to negotiate contracts that assure added meeting value, cost savings and risk mitigation, including dispute resolution.

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Track and Leverage Meeting Spending

Track and Leverage Meeting Spend for Maximum Success

Proposed 1 Hour Domain D: Financial Management

We have all heard the term "information is power" and clearly this is true when it comes to consolidating meeting activity and spend data to enhance negotiations and deliver ROI. Meetings are big investments and stakeholder expectations for measurable value based outcomes are at an all-time high. Additionally, the strong interest in Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) standards by corporate and association planners have made it essential to track and access key meeting and spend data at all phases of the life cycle for each meeting.

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On-Demand Education



Independent Meeting Planner Sales Skills

Sales Skills for the Independent Planner

1 Hour Domain I: Marketing

With today's economic trends and corporate downsizing, many meeting professionals are looking to start their own company. But how do you market your expertise and talents, if your background as a planner is geared more towards strategic meetings management and operational success?

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Independent Meeting Planner

Going Out On Your Own? A Practical Guide to Becoming an Independent Planner

1.25 Contact Hours

Have you ever thought about leaving your job to become an independent event planner? The purpose of this presentation is to provide a realistic view of what it takes to start your own business and to provide you issues to consider.

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