May 14, 2018
Meet our Spotlight Member Kevin Cummiskey
Kevin shares his story and gives advice on how to be successful with MPI.
Member Spotlight




Molly Hudson
Bryan Lavin
President Elect, Foundation Liaison
Richard Carroll
Immediate Past President
Kristy Burns
VP of Finance
Cara Pratt
VP of Communications
Kristen Hawley
VP of Membership
Mary DesrRosiers
VP of Education
Melody Henriquez
VP of Education

Kate Page
VP of Special Projects
Nancy Lorusso
Director of Publications
Ainsley Onstott
Director of Monthly Programs
Anne-Celeste Anders
Director of Special Events
Ashley Cakounes
Director of Social Media
Christine Sullivan
Director of Member Recruitment
Frank Barrett
Director of Membership Retention
Jennifer Allard
Director of Advertising

Katrina Holmstedt
Director of Education
Kimberly Gallagher
Director of Brand Management & Content
Julee Cooke
Chapter Administrator
Taylor Grinnell
Director of Sponsorship

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