October 25, 2018
Fall 2018 No-Booth Tradeshow
No standing beside a table waiting for attendees to visit you – you go to them. We’ll add your favorite promotional product in attendee bags, along with your business card or contact information, to be provided to everyone at our October luncheon.

October 25, 2018
MPI DFW Chapter October Experience: Emotional Wellness – The Key to Success Before, During, and After the Meeting. Presented in Partnership with The Hotel Association
Emotional Wellness – The Key to Success Before, During, and after the meeting



Past Presidents

“Thank you” to our past Presidents for their leadership and dedication that helped make the MPI D/FW Chapter one of the most recognized chapters in the world!


Ron Trammell, First President of MPI D/FW Chapter


Ron Trammell1977-1978
George Gallagher1978-1979
Charlotte St. Martin1979-1980
Greg Elam1980-1981
Harmon Hodge1981-1982
Sally Gibbons1982-1983
Jerry Swiggert1983-1984
Ellen Beckert1984-1985
Latrelle Smart, CMP1985-1986
Pat Smith1986-1987
Norbert Dettman, CMP, Ph.D.1987-1988
J. William Boyd, Jr., CMP1988-1989
Mary Jo Malone1989-1990
July Love Rondeau1990-1991
Lisa South Brannum, CMP, CSEP1991-1992
Mary Cowart1992-1993
Lesley Meyer, CMP1993-1994
Diane Smith, CMP1994-1995
Phyllis Firebaugh, CMP1995-1996
Mary Lynn Novelli, CMP1996-1997
Gregory Pynes1997-1998
Colleen Rickenbacher, CMP, CSEP, CPECP1998-1999
Steven G. Foster, CMP1999-2000
Steve Kemble2000-2001
Betty E. Garrett, CMP2001-2002
Cheryl L. Beasley, CMP, CMM2002-2003
Melissa S. Logar, CMP2003-2004
Melissa S. Logar, CMP2004-2005
Tamra Hughston, CMP, CMM2005-2006
Sally Goldesberry, CMP, CMM2006-2007
Nancey Hernandez, CMP2007-2008
Carol Benavidez, CMP2008-2009
Jason Ware2009-2010
Jesh Batra2010-2011
Sue Wykes2011-2012
Lauren Dunnaway, CTA2012-2013
Alison Kieckhafer, CMP2013-2014
Amanda Wells, CMA2014-2015
Tony Cummins, CMP, CMM2015-2016
Sherry DeLaGarza, CMP, CMM2016-2017
Erin Lucia2017-2018

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